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First Constellation-Class Frigate keel laid

Posted: 14 Apr 2024 07:46
by MikeJames
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Fincantieri Lays Keel Of First Constellation-Class Frigate

Fincantieri Marinette Marine held a keel laying ceremony for the future USS Constellation (FFG 62), April 12 in Marinette, Wisconsin.

13 Apr 2024

The Constellation is the first ship of the Constellation-class frigates awarded to Fincantieri Marinette Marine in 2020.

“USS Constellation and the Constellation-class frigates are a critical next step in the modernization of our surface ship inventory, increasing the number of players on the field available globally for our fleet and combatant commanders,” said Secretary Del Toro.

Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Lisa Franchetti joined Secretary Del Toro during the historic occasion.

“This ship will be critical in putting more players on the field,” said Franchetti. “The Constellation-class frigate, named after the USS Constellation – the first of six frigates authorized by the Naval Act of 1794 and the first in-class designed and built by American workers – will ensure the free flow of American commerce by sea.”

The Constellation-Class Guided-Missile Frigate (FFG 62) represents the US Navy’s next-generation small surface combatant. This ship class will be an agile, multi-mission warship capable of operations in both blue-water and littoral environments, providing increased combat-credible forward presence that provides a military advantage at sea. 

The Future USS Constellation (FFG 62) began construction in September 2022. The program continues to conduct Early Integration Testing of the combat system, primary propulsion equipment and associated networks. According to USNI News, the lead ship may be delivered up to three years late.

FFG 62 will be fielded with multi-mission capability to conduct air warfare, anti-submarine warfare, surface warfare, electromagnetic maneuver warfare. These capabilities include an Enterprise Air Surveillance Radar (EASR), Baseline Ten (BL10) Aegis Combat System, an Mk 41 Vertical Launch System, communications systems, countermeasures and added capability in the electronic warfare/information operations area with design flexibility for future growth.

General Characteristics
Builder: Marinette Marine Corporation
Length: 496.1 feet
Beam: 64.6 feet
Displacement: 7,291 WT(lt)
Draft: 18 feet

Constellation (FFG 62) under construction
Congress (FFG 63) under contract
Chesapeake (FFG 64) under contract
Lafayette (FFG 65) under contract